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Hold on, hold on, hold on: Do NOT give up. Any major life change, such as job and home, will have a major but temporary impact. It is a very stressful thing. A simple chore like getting a hair cut can be a major project because you don't know where to go and you are unfamiliar with the area. All these little things are going to temporarily be difficult things. This is true of ANY change.

My advise is to give it a chance and expect that you will need more time to do EVERYTHING. Eventually, you will adjust and then you can go back to your usual routine.

It sounds like you are in a panic and it is normal and understandable. Give it time and give it a chance. Try to look at your accomplishments and not failures. It may even be another two months or so before you are on track. Don't get extra stressed about being stressed. (I should talk, but that is another story).

So, stay with it and be patient and ask for help whenever you can. I remember you asking about New Jersey and I wish I could help you more but you are too far away from me. I will say that I moved here from Long Island and also found it hard at first. IT GETS BETTER, I PROMISE!