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Just finished working out myself! I'm rediscovering that the only way to keep it consistent is to plan to workout first thing in the AM before anything else can get in the way. On the rare occasion I have an early client I make sure it's either a rest day or there's definite and protected time later in my day (but not so late I'm exhausted- that's a whole different post [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]!).

The hardest and most depressing part about the transition for me is being on the steep end of the learning curve. I was completely burned out in nursing, but I'm also **** good at it!! With personal training I constantly feel unsure of both my judgement and my skills. I mean, I'm very clear about what works for MY body, but I have hardly any clients that are at my fitness level. And just because I know good form and can write about it here doesn't help me when I have someone who, no matter how many times I reposition them or how many ways I try to "cue" it, have no concept of neutral spine, soft knees, or moving from only ONE joint or muscle group!!!! Talk about frustration! Not to mention the fact that I feel very apprehensive about working with clients who have had significant injuries or health histories. We have many clients with knee, shoulder, or neck and back problems.

I've decided the best way to attack this problem is education. There are two conferences I'm planning on going to in the next few weeks. One is actually up your way- on Oct 25th in Wayne, NJ. It's hosted by the NJ chapter of NSCA. The other is a general fitness conference in Philly on Nov 8-9th, hosted by Exercise Etc. I'd LOVE a pal to hang out with if you have any interest or ability to go to either one! PM or email me if you're interested. (Sidenote- that's an open invitation to anyone else in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area- just let me know!)

Take care!