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Hey MJ!!

I'm not able to be here very often anymore either- I'm sooo glad I caught your post. I just hope it's not too late for you to see!

Lots of parallels between our situations! I have hooked up with another nurse/personal trainer who has her own training studio. We share the studio with a private physical therapy practice. It's a wonderful "marriage" so to speak, and the atmosphere is very different from the gyms, where sales is stressed at least as much as training, if not more. Right now I am an employee, but my goal (which is understood and shared by my boss) is to commit to helping her build this business as if it WERE my own and become her partner within the next 12-18 months. In keeping with this commitment I've been willing to work all kinds of crazy hours so as not to turn any new/potential client away. My own training has taken quite a hit! In one sense this has been a positive thing, since I was way overdue for some rest and recovery time. The problem is that as frustrated as I am with my "slacker" training schedule, I have become accustomed to the decrease and am having a hard time motivating myself to get back to business. It's not so much a problem of not being able to FIND the time, it's forcing myself to USE the time productively.

I think a few days off to do some reflecting will do you a world of good. Don't give up on this job yet. It may not be your ideal situation but I really believe that you are committed to the field/lifestyle, so see it as a stepping stone to greater things and not as the end all and be all. It's really not surprising that you feel the way you do. Remember that "stress scale" that you see in the magazines every once in a while? It measures the amount of stress in your life based on major and minor events (both positive AND negative) in the past year. You have three of the biggies- getting married; changing jobs; and moving!! That's a lot to process in such a short time period. Your life looks COMPLETELY different than it did just a few short months ago! Be gentle with yourself, just like you would with a new client who's never exercised before and is trying to adapt to the new lifestyle. Do some reflection to reaffirm that this is truly the direction you want your life to go in. See in your mind where you want to be in 5 years and then re-evaluate whether this is a good step in the process of getting there. It could be that you're moving in the right direction but this is not the best way for you to get there. It could also just be "cold feet" because it's so completely different than what was comfortable (even if "comfortable" didn't make you happy). It's great that your hubby is so supportive! Check in with him often, as well as close friends and family who know what's really important to you, to help reassure yourself that you've made the best choices to get you where you want to go. Trust your gut and just keep moving forward. It will be a lot less scary once you've given it time to become your "new normal".

Hmmm, well, guess I had a lot to say about that ,didn't I? Can you tell it's a subject that's been on my mind a little bit? Just to let you know you're not alone, I also quit my "day job"! I gave my letter of resignation from the hospital yesterday, and as much as I've wanted to do that for the past five years, I left work feeling like the bottom had dropped out of my world! I know it was the right move, though, so I'm just gonna swallow hard and start preparing for my afternoon clients- after I get in some cardio, of course....

Chin up, girl! You're gonna be fine!! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]