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Default Someone please help me

Where to start..I used to be on this website quite a bit before I actually got a new job as a full time personal trainer and group fitness director of a large scale fitness club (combined duties). (some of the older members actually were around to share the great news about my fitness job!) Since then, my husband and I moved to be closer to both our jobs and I then worked some of the craziest hours at this new job. Instead of finding myself happy, I find myself more depressed than ever in my life. I am so sad all the time. My own progress has not only haulted, it's reversed! I was in the most amazing shape before I took this job (not meant to sound egotistical). Now, two months later, I'm thicker, I can't see any of my cuts anymore, I'm exhausted, and I feel as though I've hit rock bottom. I'm supposed to be an "icon" of some sorts to my clients [img]/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] I try to squeeze my meals in between clients and whatever else and I expend so much energy training them that when I finally get to eat, I reach for all the wrong things because I'm starving (even though I've packed all the right things). I know better than this, however every day I am physically worn out. When I try to work MYSELF hard, I find that I cannot. This has upset me so much that I am considering going back into my field (economics) because it offers me the continuity in the day that I need. I am then able to always KNOW and plan for my workout times and meals. I will also not be forced to work such early and late days (since this is when most people can see their trainers, before or after work) This has just been such a hard decision on both myself and my very supportive husband. I knew I needed to get back here and chat with all of you who truly understand how important fitness is. My dilemma is that working in the fitness industry has hurt my own fitness. I never expected this...Any advice?
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