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Default Re: Thanks for all the welcomes and responses!

From the Introduction to Hyperplasia Magazine:
Hyperplasia represents this sites ideals. That is, no holds barred, and no excuses training and dietary concepts. We do not concede to excuses, nor submit to " so called " or rather " pre-conceived " genetic limitations. Mr. Knowlden described this concept last month

" There are two primary mechanisms in which new fibers can be formed. First large fibers can split into two or more smaller fibers and secondly satellite cells can be activated.

Satellite cells are myogenic stem cells which are involved in skeletal muscle regeneration. When you stretch or intensely work a muscle fiber, satellite cells are activated. Satellite cells can undergo mitosis or cell division and give rise to new myoblastic cells.

These immature muscle cells can either fuse with a pre-existing muscle fiber causing that fiber to get bigger (hypertrophy), or these myoblastic cells can fuse with each other to form a new fiber. This is one of the ways to achieve hyperplasia! "

Such a concept represents liberation from genetic stagnation. We promote Genetic Domination. Rather then allowing your body to determine your fate, you will in turn decide its!

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