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Default Re: TGIF ladies!!! It\'s a long weekend for me!

Happy Thanksgiving Elle - eat a turkey sandwhich for me would you?

I SUCK! I CANNOT get back in the groove after 2 weeks off. I have lifted maybe 3 times in 3 weeks and ran twice. <SIGH> Diet? What's that? Where you eat whatever you feel like it and just don't seem to care that all your size 8 clothes you worked so hard to fit into are now TIGHT? When you start smoking AGAIN and keep quitting only to give in? I am in a BAD place! I'm not depressed - I just don't seem to care about my body right now :-(

I have lots of "excuses" but they are just that - excuses! First I had my first period since baby was born then a HORRIBLE sinus infection, then my husbands best friend died, now my kids are all sick and one is having surgery on Wednesday. I found out I may need another MAJOR ear surgery and I am TERRIFIED of going under. I have had two HORRIBLE experiences with it and just the thought can bring me to tears.
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