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Default Re: I\'m new.... info about me and a couple ??

Hello there! I'm excited to be a part of this community! I've been doing Body Rx for about 6 months now. I've had to lay off the lifting for a few weeks due to sore shoulder and knee. I've started stretching and this has helped enormously. I hope to get back to it real soon.

Right now I'm just eating right and doing the stretching morning and evening. I'm looking to change up my routine though. I'm really interested in the exercise/stability ball. Does anyone use one in their workout? I'd like to continue to lift fairly heavy. I'd also like to continue working out at home as much as possible. my DH & I go to the gym once a week to do leg workouts.

Are deadlifts hard to do at home? Are they hard on your back? I'm a little nervous about them. My DH and I workout together so he'd be there to spot me. I'm hoping to find some really good back exercises for home so we can keep the once a week trip to the gym for leg day.

Any thoughts?

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Dead lifts ROCK!you better watch out though. Dont go too heavy at first, work on the form. Nothing works your lower back better. One arm DB rows are great, and also, DEFINATELY invest in a pullup bar. go to the tab uptop and look for back exercises.