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Default Re: gaining muscle weight

I have only been doing this routinely for a month and it is only for toning purposes. I wasn't trying to bulk up.

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i hate to burst your bubble, but its a misconception that a female will "bulk up". generally our bodies do NOT contain enough testerone to do this. so unless you plan on taking steroids, which i know your not, don't worry about getting bulky. what happens when women gains muscle mass is they start to look like they have some shape to their bodies (they start to look "toned"). there really is no such thing as "toning". all your doing is building muscles.

if you want to gain some muscle you will need to lift heavy (generally 8-12 reps to failure) and do more than what you are doing. i usually do 12 sets for my chest, back, shoulders and 9 sets for my biceps and triceps. one set of 12 reps may not do much for you gaining muscle.

definitely read all you can on here. there are tons of exercise and nutrition programs that can get you on the right track.

take a look at some of the online journals here and some of the pics of these ladies. they lift heavy and are not "bulky"! (mine included)

and go get that membership [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

i hope this helps!