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I think I will definitely get a membership to the fitness center. The weights I have in my room are 2 5's, 2 10's and 1 15 lb. I usually do 2-3 sets of 12 reps and I try to do exercises for the major muscles in the upper body (chest, back, biceps, triceps and shoulders). Usually one exercise per muscle. I have only been doing this routinely for a month and it is only for toning purposes. I wasn't trying to bulk up.

Right now I am trying to get enough info about gaining muscle in order to set up a routine I can follow and work into my busy schedule. I've tried to do this once before, but I wasn't organized at all(had no idea what I should do) and I got frustrated and quit. Once I get enough info I can start the weight gain process.

Thanks for the references to the nutrition articles and the previous post!