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ok, it would seem to me that you are not eating enough calories right now to gain the muscle you want (not enough protein). also, its pretty important to eat more frequent meals. can you buy your own food to eat in between meal times, in your dorm maybe? by eating only 3 meals per day you can slow your metabolism and the amount of bodyfat you store. plus it leaves you with less energy when you train. more frequent meals promote more stable blood-sugar levels, optimal absorption of nutrients, and an increased metabolism.

i'm going to suggest that you look through the nutrition articles on this site (see blue "Nutrition" tab at the top of this page). there are some customizable diets you could follow and TONS of information that will help you understand the importance of proper nutrition - how much protein, carbs and fats you need to consume and calories.

what are you plans for training? are you going to get a memebership to the fitness center on campus or stay with the dumbbells in your room? i would suggest that if you can afford it, get the membership to the fitness center. it will make what your trying to accomplish easier when you have an abundance of options for working out, not just the dumbbells in your room. but if your only option is the dumbbells in your room then we will try and work with just that. what are the poundages of the dumbbells you have? can you you type up a sample workout that you do in your room? what exercises, how many reps/sets you do. it would help! also, you need to workout your legs with the weights, not just do cardio kickboxing. the legs are the largest muscle group in the body so you do not want to neglect them! i have a feeling that you are probably not lifting heavy enough, which happens to most females at first.

also, read this previous post... it has some great overall information (even though some of it applies to cutting bodyfat, the general principles i think will help you).;PHPSESSID=