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Default Re: The HYPERplasia Challenge: Jenn\'s bulk

I think I'd have to stop at "huge" LOL. I dont know how well "freaky big" would go over at the PTA meetings. Altough someone called me "Helga" today in work as I was picking up a box. Hmm, all I could picture was an East German female powerlifter from back when there was an East Germany.

I'm a little behind in my journal. I've been re-evaluating my goals (thanks, OldSchool) but I can't get past the "where do I want to be in 1 year, nevermind 5, 10,15. So I'll give a brief synopsis.

Eating is still so-so. I'm struggling to hit 2500 cals but I'm keeping the macros at 33/33/33.

Tue was legs. I tossed out the sissy squats and lunges and added hack squats and 1-leg box squats.

Wed was cardio and abs.

Thu was Chest/tri's. I switched to DB's for flat and incline bench. Made my left arm work for a change. I dumped lying tri-extentions and added 1 arm kickbacks.

Today was back, I didn't feel as strong and I could only get 2 wide-grip pullups done but did some good negatives. I think it's because I used to do cardio the day before back but now I'm doing chest and tri's. I'm happier with my back then my chest so I'm going to continue this route. I

Age: 39
Weight: 150 Height: 5'7"

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