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Default Re: The HYPERplasia Challenge: Jenn\'s bulk

Here's what I get from my labels:

dextrose - 1/3cup (80g) = 75g carbs
maltodextrin - 1/2cup (50g) = 50g carbs

I broke that down into tbsps and got:

dextrose - 1 tbsp (15g) = 14.1g carbs
maltodextrin - 1 tbsp (6.25g) = 6.25g carbs

Yes, according to The Window Of Opportunity article if you are bulking you want 5g carbs per every ten lbs of bodyweight which for you would be 72g carbs (36g each).

So about 36g carbs coming from dextrose would be 2 & 1/2 tbsps and about 36g carbs coming from maltodextrin would be 5 tbsp & 2 tsp.