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Yeah, don't kid yourself, those pics you see in magazines of those fitness competitors are when they are in CONTEST shape. And I have a pretty good idea of what their diets have to be like to look like that (having talked to Jen Hendershott in person) and let me tell you it's not something you want to keep doing or that is even HEALTHY to continually do to your body. They don't ALWAYS look like that. So we cannot put those kinds of expectations on ourselves either. They only look like that for their contests. During their offseason, they look more like your normal (albeit in shape) everyday women, they have a much softer look to them. I actually prefer how some of them look OFFSEASON rather than in season. I'm not into the really ripped look on a woman. So anyway, don't kid yourself, it takes a helluva lotta work to even look like an OFFSEASON fitness competitor, cause simply put, as women our bodies were NOT MADE to be that lean. So we are continually fighting against our genetics and hormones to stay in the teens lean! My family doesn't know how I do it, keep the diet that I do, and it's all just so I can stay right around 16% bodyfat!!! All so I can see a six pack when I flex! So definitely don't trivialize your efforts, the efforts it takes for we women to be lean, cause it sure ain't easy!!!! And the older you get, the harder it is!