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Hmmm, this seems like a job for Krypto, but I'll give you the reader's digest version [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img].

You are right about what a "cut" is. It's trying to lower your BF to uncover the muscle you've built underneath. Sometimes this is also called a taper, which is a bit slower than a true cut that competitors do before a contest and allows you a bit more room with your calories. I would say that is what I am on- a taper.

If you are competing, you start a cut a certain number of weeks out from a contest, I think like 12-16, but I could be wrong on that. If you're a regular Jane like me, you start a cut/taper when you feel you're happy with the amount of muscle you've gained and want to evaluate where you stand underneath the fat layer. For me, I figured out what was a reasonable goal weight to maintain, estimated the BF% I wanted to achieve, and calculated how much lean mass I would have at those goals. Once I achieved the desired LBM, it was time to cut. You end the cut when you reach your desired BF goal, which shouldn't be much lower than 12-15% for a woman, especially if you're not competing or your hormones get all wacky.

During a cut you generally reduce your overall calories and eliminate saturated fats and refined/simple sugars as much as humanly possible. If you're already eating clean, you may not have much to cut out, it may be just an issue of volume control. I know that there were still hidden sources of sugar in my own diet that Krypto helped me uncover by looking at my fitday log. Things like chewable Vitamin C (second ingredient, sugar!) and lo cal salad dressing that makes up for the lack of fat with extra sugar to make it palatable. Now I just use olive or flax oil, balsamic vinegar, and dijon mustard on my salads. Best thing to do is check the labels of everything you routinely eat. Hope that helps.