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Default Re: Cut who? where, when,...what?

Okay, I'm a little embarressed to ask this, but I will anyways, forgive my naivity...

What exactly is a "cut"? I think it's what you do when you've gained the muscle you want, and need to lean out to unconver them more.

When do you start a cut? How do you know when to end a cut?
What gets eliminated from the diet during a cut???
If I'm already eating pretty clean, what do I cut out?

Any advice would be news to me, so thanks! Braidyn

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this is cut:

Being cut is having a low bodyfat % so that muscle striations, individual muscles and muscle groups, as well as vascularity (veins) are visually apparent. To do this you must first off have adequate muscle. To gain adequate muscle you must lift weights and feed your body enough food to grow. Then after you have gained the mass, it is time to diet to lose the fat which is covering the muscle. You start a cut when you feel you have enough muscle to look "cut" or "ripped" at a bodyfat % usually under 10-13 % depending on the person. You end the cut after you feel you look ripped enough and/or are at the point in which you want to restart gaining muscle. An example "cut" diet is posted in the Nutrition tabs above (so is a "bulk" diet).
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