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Yep, I'm the same way. I call those my hypoglycemic attacks as I am borderline hypoglycemic! I get those same jittery, spacey feelings that you describe, and even feel like I might pass out or, at the very least, that I should sit/lie down! I just try to make sure I eat regularly, and I carry something with me at all times just in case.

My "just in case" food is usually to cover me if I'm not able to eat 'real' food, so it will be something that will quickly raise my blood sugar long enough for the feeling to pass and for me to get to some real food. It's stuff that's easily tote-able like apples or granola bars. Laughing Cow makes a swiss cheese that does not need refrigeration, so that along with a baggie full of crackers is easily carried with me (or in my car - unless it's hot outside!). Not always the best bodybuilding foods, but not too hideous either. And it does get me over the hump when I get in a bind.

Hope that helps!