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Default Do you get \"If I don\'t eat right NOW I\'m going to kill someone\"

I'm pretty sensitive to sugar and blood-sugar fluctuations but now it's getting to the point where if I don't eat when I should, I literally can't function. I don't just get a growly stomach or feel peckish, I get headachey, jittery, feel really out of it, and in the worst case scenarios (eg just come home from the gym in the evening) that I can hardly even talk to my boyfriend until I've got some food in (or at least started to cook so I know it's only a few minutes away).
Does anyone else ever get like this?
I've managed to balance out alot of the swings by eating really clean and getting virtually all the refined sugar out of my diet. I try and eat low GI things to keep me going (like beans, oatmeal, tuna, sweet potatoes, green veg etc) but I seem to "go over" so easily.
Any advice?