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Default Re: Newbie Training for Comp

Thanks Philia2

Great to have the support.

Yes - got over the anorexia 20 odd years ago - don't know why or how - one day I just started eating again !! Infact afterwards I developed a weight problem and ended up having to lose a few stone - i think the metabolism goes a bit crazy after the starving routine.

But that was years ago, and now i am really into fit, healthy and strong bodies.

I have been into the fitday column and started to log my food items - takes a bit of work at first but now I am getting it sussed.

Maybe next weekend, I might be venture into the on-line training journal part of this site and start to log my progress incase people are interested and want to comment.

I was reading Soccer chicks training diary - wow that girl can lift ! Don't think I am quite into that category yet - but have started to get some good muscles.

Great to have you and the others out there - it's like having another set of coaches and support crew.