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Default Re: Newbie Training for Comp

Thanks guys - I really appreciate the support, and good to know that an Aussie is one of the team.

I am going to check back through the site for previous competitors - but PhysiqueMystique - feel free to give advice - I am all ears. When are you competing - soon I take it? How many times have you competed?

I can appreciate that time will fly - infact I am already starting to get nervous !!

I find it really hard to shift the fat - possibly because when I was young I had anorexia, so my body clings on to it. My waist is the worst part.

I do posing practice every Wed - I figured it was best to learn now, instead of when you get to the carb cutting, no energy, *****y stage, and I am thinking of music choices for my routine.

Leg day was today. I save it for Sunday, so i can lie on the couch the rest of the day !

I will keep you in the loop on progress, but thanks once again for your support. I am learning heaps from this site, and it really helps with motivation to share progress with others.