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Default your opinion please..

Hi schless. I wanted to ask you about what you thought of my leg routine. I've been doing this for sometime now, adding maybe one or two different exercises for a change from the regular norm.
My height 4'10"
My weight 90 lbs
My BF - i have no clue !
my leg routines generally goes like this

45 degree angle leg press- i start out with 200lbs. then on my second and third set i increase the weight with those 5lb discs. I can only about 3-4 sets then my tighs are nice and tight. In the first set i try to do about 12-13 reps. BY the second and third i can't get more than 8-9 done.

Seated leg curls- i do 3 sets once again. I start out using 55lbs and then kick it up to 60 lbs for the 2nd and third set. Is doing seated legs the same as lying leg curls. Gosh, this is sooooo embarassing to say the reason why i ask is becasue i ahemm...don't exaclty fit on the lying leg curls machine [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] Once again my reps are the same as above

Leg extensions- 3 sets. I start out with 90lbs and then add 5 lbs for the 2nd and 3rd set.

Roman dead lift- i do 3 sets of the same weight 30 lbs. 10 reps each set

reverse lunge- my NEW FAVOURITE ! 3 sets in total. I start out using the 17.5 lb dumbells and then move onto using 20lbs for the last two sets. 10 reps on each leg

seated calf raises- 3 sets. I start out with 140lbs, then for my second ad third set i increases the wieght by 5 lbs.

Standing calf raises- i try to do 2 sets. By this point my legs are SORE..heheh, either that or i'm just a big woose ! I only use the 10 lb disc in one hand and do the exercise.

I haven't done squats in hmmm...quite a while. I used to use the machine a while back...but haven't in sometime.

Right now I LOVE reverse lunges for some reason. Once in a while I do walking lunges....and that's about it as far as my leg workout goes....what do you think i need to change/ do, if any. Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a nice day. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]