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Default Re: Efficient Women\'s Leg Workout

Thanx, I really don't want bulk but tone up legs (I am still on diet tweaking-to get that straight 1st).

Once diet is straight, I will be adding more cardio (dropped it totally and now only do 1-2 days) to kick-up metabolism again.

I just read in the "workouts" legs section that squats are the best thing, so I guess maybe I will dump one of my leg press machines and concentrate on squats and lunges (works entire leg muscles).

I just read the enderwiggin has reached her squat goal! OMG I haven't even tried those yet!!

I do 2-4 sets on several machines, so I'm thinking maybe to cut back on leg day & do 2-3 concentrated leg excercises, like squats/lunges.

Thanx again, I appreciate it! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]