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lifterchick, truthfully I do not see any major problems with your diet. It's a bit difficult to determine what constitutes EACH meal but from what I could tell, you are too low on fat in some meals, I'd get at least 10 grams a meal if I were you. And some meals your protein was a bit low, like under 20 grams, again, that's if I was reading it correctly. But really, compared to overall, those things are minor.

The only thing I can think of is maybe try ditching the gatorade. You don't NEED the sugar, especially since you're cutting. Some maybe can get away with it, but perhaps you cannot. Any sugar will COMPLETELY HALT fat burning. Also, yeah, sugary items will spike your insulin more but you also have to remember that post workout, your muscle cells are going to be very highly receptive to anything you put into your mouth ANYWAY.

The only other thing I question in your diet is, "Light done right"? What is that? My point is, make sure you eliminate ALL sugars. That's all I can think of other than to try pasha's idea of carb/calorie cycling. It works very well for a lot of people, like she said, it keeps the body guessing. Also take her other advice about throwing the scale out and having your bodyfat measured. I wouldn't even get all hung up over your measurements. Heck, my measurements were LESS too, 20 lbs ago! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] I've put ON 20 lbs since HS, when I was just thin! Yep, but I look better NOW, even WITH the bigger measurements! My waist, hips, thighs, geez, pretty much everything are all BIGGER even tho I do look better now, having more muscle and LESS fat. Yep, I've got the numbers written down to prove it. I had a 26 inch waist in HS, now it's freakin almost 29 inches!! But yet I'm all toned now, I wasn't before. So yeah, an increase in muscle mass WILL eventually give you bigger measurements, but don't sweat it, it doesn't matter as long as you are proportionate. Hehe, listen to me, and I'm the FIRST one to complain about my waist measurement, heh. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] I should take my own advice.

Anyway, I hope I was of some help. I really see no major problems with what you are doing. Remember, it IS a learning process, you're doing fine. Just keep experimenting, tracking your progress, etc. And remember to give any changes to your program 4-6 weeks before you determine whether it's working or not. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]