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I start every day with my oatmeal/protein powder/nat PB concoction and some coffee. I've weaned myself from the full fat/ full sugar cappuccino's at the convenience stores to regular coffee with FF coffeemate and splenda. I do the gatorade/ protein combo post workout for the insulin spike. As I said, I was also eating a sweet potato every day for lunch (meal 3 or 4) but I've tried to cut that out because it was pushing my carbs too high. The rest is salad or fibrous veggies (I buy the frozen mixes in bulk at BJ's and heat them in the microwave several times a day). I've actually cut out all breads for the past few weeks, and I could live in a potato chip factory and never eat one! I am prone to giving in to the "just one bite" game when faced with cookies/donuts/candy at work- I try not to have them in my house.

And, no, I'm definitely not drinking enough water, and I drink too much diet Coke. There was a time when I was really religious about my water intake but I was CONSTANTLY going to the bathroom. Even my kids said, "Mom, you gotta stop drinking so much, this is ridiculous!" [img]/forum/images/graemlins/blush.gif[/img]. I have given up alcohol altogether and I was really hoping to see some good results from that. Not that I was an alcoholic, but one or two glasses of wine at dinner every day really adds up and it was an easy cut of 100-150 cals/day!