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well, on low carb days i compensate with more protein and maybe more olive oil on the salad. but, yes. if you cycle your carbs you also cycle your calorie intake. it's all about keeping your body guessing.
i agree on the cardio. you can do some more no problem. what i do precontest is one high intensity in the morning, one in the evening. both last for about 20-30 minutes. this of course sucks if you dont have some cardio equipment at home. but you can always run outside.
eat all your starchy carbs until like 4 pm. after that only fibrous.
i do figure competitions. i have three coming up in summer and i'm planning on doing one or two in fall in the states (my husband is american). the dieting is not so hard for me. i have to lose weight/fat for a show, that's the deal. sure it sucks sometimes but i love being up on stage. i have to say appetite control is not a big problem for me, since i eat so regularly. its more the cravings. i start to talk to haribo gummy bears in the grocery store and stuff like that. dream about pizza and bounty bars. weird.
but what helps for appetite control is stuff like hydroxycut or universal animal cuts. they make you burn too. and then i have to admit that i'm a TOTAL diet coke junkie. i'm drinking the stuff like every waking hour....