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Default Re: Things are moving the wrong way!!! Help!!

Thanks for your observations, and GoMom, don't be sorry for the questions, they're all good ones and I appreciate the help!!!

My workouts are pretty good, I think. Since starting the 13 week program, I've had to play around a bit to reach failure, but I've coerced my son into spotting me with exercises I was nervous about, so I've pretty much gotten there, maybe just took a few extra reps. I'm working on that one.

As far as how I feel outside the gym, I'm tired but not exhausted, and I do get pretty hungry about 2-3 hrs. after I eat. I've just finished TTOTM, the water bloat is usually gone by this point so I can't really blame it on that. I have been trying to limit my carbs to fibrous and leafy greens after meal 3. I was eating a sweet potatoe every day in addition to oatmeal for my starchy carbs, but then realized it pushed my carbs over the limit for the final ratio. Now I'm sticking with frozen mixed veggies.

I guess I'm questioning whether or not I truly want to be lifting as heavy as I am. I'm really quite happy with the amount of muscle I have right now. My legs are very thick, and I've got the ghetto booty [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]. Although my legs have a layer of unwanted cellulite, if I flex and pose with the lights low (to hide the cottage cheese effect) I really like the silhouette I see- nice shape under there somewhere. And my upper body has finally managed to pick up some mass to balance me out a bit (my very first post on ABC was something like "how do I lose the fat on my lower body without looking like the walking dead from the waist up, lol!). My back has always been my strong point- my trainer used to tell me that I have a "show back". I really just need to strip away this fat to see where I am, then decide to bulk or maintain from there.

A quick question about carb cycling. Does this work with or independently from calorie cycling? In other words, on low carb days do I just tough it out and eat lower calories, or do I increase protein and/or fat to maintain cals but keep the carbs down?