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hi there,
just read your diet on fitday and what first comes to mind is; cut out the pb and gatorade for a while. come down with your calories a little bit and start to cycle your carb intake:
monday=medium 120 grams
tuesady=low 80 grams
wednesday=high 160 grams
thursday=medium 120 grams
friday=low 80 grams
saturday=high 160 grams
sunday=low/medium 100 grams
keep your protein in the 160 gram range. believe me, this works wonders. i always do that precontest.
how many times do you lift? and do you get your body fat measured? if not, do that. forget the scale. also measure your waist, hips and thighs like every two weeks or so.
maybe you really just put on muscle and can't trust the mirror anymore.
and hey, cruise: vast amounts of food available 24/7...
good luck!!