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Default Things are moving the wrong way!!! Help!!


So I've been following the 13 week workout (I'm on week 3), cut down on my cadio from an hour 5x/ week to 2 20 min HIIT sessions and one or two 30-35 min slower sessions, kept track of my diet, and not gotten on the scale for a few weeks. Got on the scale this morning and I'm 3 lbs. heavier than when I started (now 145!). My goal is 133-135 by May when we go on a Caribbean cruise! I'd like to think this is muscle, but the mirror tells me otherwise (plus this is supposed to be a fat burning workout, not a bulk!!). I'm posting my link to Fitday. Would someone please review my diet and help me tease out the problem? I have figured my maintenance cals to be between 2100-2200 depending on the method I use, so my goal is 1800 cals/day with a 40/30/30 split. I know I have been a little over my goal each day, that's me trying to slowly wean myself from junk and avoid a binge, but I didn't think it was enough to GAIN weight!! The only other thought I have is that I'm going to have to start measuring EVERYTHING (I do for most stuff, but like salad and vegetables, sugar free jam, etc... I just guesstimate) and counting things like crystal light, the sugar free gum I chew which does have calories, and the "no cal" butter spray I put on my veggies (I know there has to be SOME calories in there) and cut down on the PB. I DO eat an awful lot of PB but it is practically the only source of fat I get except what naturally occurs in food, and it hasn't skewed my ratios for macros so I thought it was okay, but maybe..... I'm really frustrated right now and trying not to panic. Can someone please be the voice of reason (or knowledge, or even experience) for me?! Here is the link to my Fitday account:
Fitday homepage

I'm not sure I have the link thing down so if it doesn't work let me know how I can fix it. Thanks in advance!