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yes, it sounds like you should eat more carbs. especially in the morning. it's all trial and error. it takes some time to figure out what works for you. try the high intensity cardio for about 20 mins on an empty stomach. after that eat a balanced meal. some eggwhites, bowl of oatmeal and some almonds for fat. then have a bar or a shake midmorning. i try to stay away from bars and shakes and only eat them in emergency cases. (also try to cycle your carb/calorie intake. keep your body guessing)
but the most important thing right now is that you DON'T PANIC. don't fall back in your old patterns (it didn't work before either, did it?) i don't know how long you suffered from eating disorders but it usually takes a long time for the body to understand that it should react normal again. and also for the soul. i know. i've been there. all i can say is that there's a way out.
you write the fat on your body is still increasing;
have you had your fat measured? if not, do it. maybe every couple of weeks (be aware of your cycle). and throw your scale out of the window. or at least put in the attic. i know this is hard.
and are you still lifting? read krypto's first post again. she pretty much covered the subject. it's most important. not only for those muscles to grow but also for your peace of mind. it's kind of healing. (did i just write that?....)
don't lose it now, okay?
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