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Default Re: yo-yoing = slow metabolism

i'm not quite understanding what's going on...please check this out, and HELP ME!
so, i think i'm doing this 95% right and my body is NOT responding like it should. i'm holding a little water this week bc of my monthly cycle, but it's still another 3lbs up (fat)not muscle, that doesn't get put on like that. and in the last place i need more, of course...outside of my thighs!
so, a typical day--except this last week i got slammed with being sick, but i still worked out (as best i could) except on thursday.

5:30am - chicken breast
6-7 some type of cardio (usually spin) or treadmill/eliptical
7:30am - myoplex lite
10:30 - protein bar (designer whey, or eas carbcontrol)
1:30 - 1c ff cottage cheese with 1/2 yogurt and strawberries mixed in OR chicken salad with strawberries and vinegar for dressing
4:30 - (sometimes, here is where i slip A LITTLE) sometimes, a LITTLE cereal, few handfuls? or a pieces of raisin bread WITH my protein snack...chicken or cottage cheese
* if i didn't do cardio in the morning, i come at around 4:30-5:30
7:30 - dinner with protein, lit.carb, veg. my husband makes dinner on tuesday's (he's health conscious as well) and makes a healthy dinner, but he adds in olive oil - fat i KNOW i SHOULD get, that i don't do usually....ONLY bc my fat on my body is still increasing

So, what am i doing wrong? i don't understand??? i'm trying to be so good and shouldn't this work? i can't even look at myself, it gets pretty bad.
i keep telling myself - give it time....but i can't take my weight(as fat) going up ANYMORE> i'm biting my nails, trying to keep with this, eventhough my rewards are NOT there? i have been following this for 2.5 weeks i think (2-3)