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SNOWED IN...i'm from northwest ohio...and we must have gotten 6in or's crazy. of course, being a teacher, i wish it were tomorrow, so we didn't have school
so, i was going to go to the gym this AM, couldn't go...couldn't get out of my driveway and i don't know if they even openned at their normal time. but i am going tonight 3-5 for lifting/60min spin.

so eating feels good, clean and 3 hrs apart (accidentally 4-4.5 at a meal, bc of where i was) and i know i can't except my body to jump right into this, but my weight is still up and even another lb(121). i know it can be water-but this is steady weight, and i know i may gain before i lose this extra, but i'm just trying to keep blind-faith, bc i know what i'm doing is good for me. i just PRAY that my body isn't holding onto these cal. bc it still thinks it's not going to get much food. but i AM hungry for my next small meal, each time, so i think that's a good sign.\
a sample...yesterday- Saturday, Feb22

9am: 1/2 c FF cottage cheese, 1/4 c applesauce, 2 handfulls of cereal (honey crisp, that has flakes and clusters)

10-11am 60min spin/abs

11:30-12: 1/2 protein bar, 10 raisins (i LOVE raisins - and i know i shouldn't have them bc of the sugar spike), 1/2c LF cottage cheese, with a little crushed pineapple

1pm: can of tuna, mustard, on a low-sodium rice cake and a pickle

5:30-6: Deli turkey with 1/2c broccoli, with a little FF spagheti sauce.

9:30-10:30: Bob Evans Grilled chicken salad (i LOVE grilled chicken salads) with 3 egg whites and an orange
and an ice cream sandwich (weight watchers)

as i'm going through it and even yesterday, there were a few things in there that i know i shouldn't have, but i thought it was PRETTY good, but not nearly what i should be doing. i need to write out a specific plan instead of a general idea. and STICK to it! there were a few times that during a meal/snack i would eat a few bites of oatmeal w/ yogurt, or cott.cheese so....

isn't there a different thread, like a progress thread to post these things too? i think i remember that, i'm going to check that out as well, so i'm being accountable. thanks for ALL the feedback you give me!! I NEED IT!!!