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alright...well, so far these last few days have been ALMOST great! but my fault for the late afternoon (small extras). not as bad as usual, but i'm not doing that anymore.'s what my general day will look like, and has so far, except for my slip-ups
what do you think

6-7am cardio (mond/wedn/fri) Spin or Eliptical or treadmill
*7:30am - myoplex lite shake (on my way to work - i teach)
*10:25 - protein bar- designer whey(inbetween classes)
*1:30 - FF/LF cottage cheese (1c?) mixed with 1/2 yogurt
and an orange OR chicken breast on 1/2 pita and
orange [some kind of protein and carb]
*4:00 - [again, a portion of protein and carb/vegg]
*7:00 - dinner with my husband (protein-chicken/turkey, carb, veg)
8-9pm Lift with my husband, or tues/thurs spin with him
sat/sund 1hr cardio

on the weekends when i have more time to eat "cooked" meals...
oatmeal with protein in the morning
egg whites/veggie omlets

i've got to go, but does this sound "semi" ok? gotta go to the gym, my honey just got home