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Default Re: yo-yoing = slow metabolism

Your gut is right; as long as you keep your calories that low, your metabolism will never be anything but slow. I'd say go to 1600 or more, adding gradually, as Krypto has suggested to others; 100 every other day or so.

Let me just give you my stats as an example since we are similar size; I'm almost 5'3", 113-115 pounds (42 years old). I maintain on around 2200. So please don't be scared of going over 1200.

Krypto laid out everything already; let me just emphasize:

Also, we are concerned about BODY COMPOSITION, NOT the scale weight. Who cares what you weigh if you look like a fitness model, right? <hr /></blockquote>

because I noticed where you referred to your "normal weight" as being much lower than what you weigh right now. My suggestion? Forget what you think is "normal". If you add an adequate amount of muscle you may weigh 120,125, won't matter as long as you look and feel good.

Another point; there is much more range for a healthy calorie level (meaning it doesn't have to be an exact number) than some people think. What I mean is, once you get your metabolism cranked up, you can get away with more discrepancies. If you eat 1000 more one day, you won't add 1/3 of a pound; your body will just turn up your metabolism and burn it off. A handy side effect [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]