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so what's the RIGHT way to eat and train? EXACTLY ?...oh yeah...what you wrote above, right . i will beat these head-games i play with myself, because i can't hurt myself and lie to those i love. that is the worst part about the disorder. and i want the strength and body that i train for, that i'm not getting, bc of some of my poor habits.
so....where do i begin
i printed off your post and my trainer is going to look at yet ANOTHER diet for me. i'm afraid that in eating 5-6 small meals that will only total me to 1000-1200cal. funny to be worried about not eating enough calories (wink), but i am knowledgable and i DO know that if i keep eating TOO FEW calories my body will only hold onto that as fat and my metabolism won't increase. however, if i eat TOO MANY cal. than i will also gain fat. so, i'm really searching for that medium. i have also printed off the "3 ways to find your cal intake" in those articles and i'm taking them into the gym this am. THANK YOU!! all your information is so helpful to me, please keep it coming