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Default Re: yo-yoing = slow metabolism

hey, im glad you're doing good, and i hope we can help! recently i've seen that somone who had a slow metabolism at the 6 meals suggested a day for lifting weights, and he said his metabolism went up!!

im kind of confused as to why your metabolsim is slow even though you do so much cardio (which by the way, isnt really good :\ ) if you want to bulk (eating more so you can build muscle faster) cut out the cardio. if you want to cut (eating a tad bit less so you can lose fat) keep some cardio in (2-3 days, anywhere from 20-30 mins). but what you're doing right now is burning too much muscle.

the binging is definately a bad idea. just try your hardest not to do it, and try to follow a strict diet. iim sure the people here could help you greatly, but as it is, im pretty new so i dont know much. once you start following a diet, cutting out some exercise (you do wayyyy too much!you even said it yourself), and deciding whether you want to lift more or do cardio more, im sure you will get better. i bet once you get things a little more organized, you're bad habits will go away too!!