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Default yo-yoing = slow metabolism

THANK YOU! I've been searching and searching for this topic...because i have a desperate question. i am 22 yrs old, 5'3" 118lbs ("normal" weight - 108-110)i have struggled with anorexia and excessive exercising since high school and in college-soph. yr, i went into therapy (gained back the weight) but my behaviors are not consistently healthy again. i was doing very good for a while after the clinic- normal exercise, eating clean, and felt GREAT! but in the last year, i've started cutting calories/binging only to gain extra weight.
my question/conern/worry: i want to get back on track DESPERATELY, but how do i begin? my metabolism is so slow, that's why i'm gaining the weight slowly. but i'm afraid to increase my calories, in fear to gain MORE - how much do i need to jack them up, so that my body doesn't hold on to them to think i'm "starving"?
currently i do 1-2hrs of cardio a day (i know, too much) and lift 4 days a week. my habits are poor again...i hold off eating until i binge (usually around 4pm, after work), i don't know...then i go back to the gym bc i feel i have to burn it off--although i know it doesn't work.
PLEASE, HELP ME!!! I REALLY WANT TO GET THE RESULTS I STRIVE FOR - with my hard work at the gym, it doesn't pay off bc of my eating patterns.