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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by sicily1962:</font><hr /> Krypto~ Very good article!!
<hr /></blockquote>

Thanks! [img]/forum/images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

I myself went from 131.5 (10.5%BF in Mid April) the day i competed to 135lbs as week after the comp and 14.5%BF! In Mid July i had risen to 19% BF gaining 5lbs of new muscle.<hr /></blockquote>

I have a feeling come Oct - Feb when I am working to put on muscle, that my bodyfat will go up to about 19% as well as I've noticed that whenever I let up off my diet just a little for long enough, that is right where my body goes back to and seems to stay there.

Although i look lean, i still feel very big in comparison to the girls i see every day in my gym.<hr /></blockquote>

You and me both! And especially in certain mirrors, I see myself as looking like a muscle monster, lol!

I had a doctor once that told me that my body knows what it's best weight is and once you reach that weight it will maintain it.
I'm not sure how much fact there is in that, but i can tell you that when i have hit plateau's in the past, i have held them for quite some time ~ even as much as a year w/o any drastic measures.<hr /></blockquote>

I totally believe that. I believe the body has a comfort level set by your genetics. Reason I think that is because I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, go right back up to 140 lbs if I am not sticking to that Beverly diet to a "t"! And thruout this whole year that I've been cutting and writing my own diets, my body has maintained at 140 lbs even though I went from 22% body fat to 16.6%. I went on the Beverly diet for the 3 weeks before Nationals and got down to 136 but after a week of eating carbs for speed skating Nationals, I went right back up to, you guessed it, 140 lbs! And for one month last year I actually tried to bulk and I couldn't really get past 142 lbs. I have determined that my body LIKES being 139-142 lbs. I also think it is most comfortable at around 18-19% body fat as that is the level I seem to stabilize at. So for me to stay 15% or leaner, it's a fight all the time.

"Marg, you know, men don't like all that muscle on shouldn't be lifting so much weight!!"
I thought i would just die! I politely told him:
"None of the men i know think that way, and if he doesn't respect or appreciate what i do, then he's not worth my time anyway"
I truly do become tired of feeling as though i have to justify my lifestyle.<hr /></blockquote>

Yeah, my family kinda freaked a bit when I told them I'm wanting to put on 7 lbs of muscle this winter. My aunt was like, "you're not gonna get all bulky looking like some of those women are you?" So I was thinking, so what if I do. But then I told her that I would most likely have to take steroids to get all bulky looking and no that's not the look I'm going for, more of the fitness competitor look (altho I am already bigger than most of them but I didn't tell her that, not like she'd understand "figure").

Ultimately, my opinion is the only one that really counts anyway. [img]/forum/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
Margie <hr /></blockquote>