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Default Re: Obsessed with being lean?

Krypto~ Very good article!!
I've been out of the loop for about a week...putting in extra hours at work and training....can't forget the training!

I agree, it's very hard to maintain a "sleek" look after competition.
I myself went from 131.5 (10.5%BF in Mid April) the day i competed to 135lbs as week after the comp and 14.5%BF! In Mid July i had risen to 19% BF gaining 5lbs of new muscle.

You know i went to see my trainer a week ago and had lost 4% but had maintained my mass and still weighed in @ 140.
Although i look lean, i still feel very big in comparison to the girls i see every day in my gym.

I myself, feel that it is very difficult to maintain lower BF% in the off season...especially for most of us that have always been a little heavier..I don't know if it's the body's way of going back to that comfort level.
I had a doctor once that told me that my body knows what it's best weight is and once you reach that weight it will maintain it.
I'm not sure how much fact there is in that, but i can tell you that when i have hit plateau's in the past, i have held them for quite some time ~ even as much as a year w/o any drastic measures.
There would have been no way i could have gained any muscle w/o good supplements and of course my good ol' peanut butter. ( I literally ate a jar a week!) And even though i dropped that 4% recently, i still indulged in the stuff in place of my flax and olive oil.
I'm addicted, i'll admit it!! [img]/forum/images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
I constantly get comments from people about how i eat and why i eat this way.
My own father said to me at Xmas last year ~ [img]/forum/images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
"Marg, you know, men don't like all that muscle on shouldn't be lifting so much weight!!"
I thought i would just die! I politely told him:
"None of the men i know think that way, and if he doesn't respect or appreciate what i do, then he's not worth my time anyway"
I truly do become tired of feeling as though i have to justify my lifestyle.

I do know however, that when this comp. comes to a conclusion in October, i will relax and enjoy myself for a while. I may even gain a few pounds, but i will be comfortable and continue my workouts. If i gain a few be it. I know how to eat for life and i definately train hard enough to maintain what i have.

Whatever i continue to do (i joined a cycling train for a century ride next spring!! See, i've been busy girls! lol!) I know that i will always do what's right for my body and for me. I like how i look and who i am.
Ultimately, my opinion is the only one that really counts anyway. [img]/forum/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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