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Default Re: Workout schedule and diet for fat loss

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Lets take a look

Day 1: Chest/Shldr/Back/Abs + 30 min stairstep, 20 min HIIT
<font color="red"> I reccomend doing the cardio seperate from weight training. You might do weights in the mornng cardio at night. Youll get better results that way, and at night your metabolic rate lowers. This will respeed it as well as enhance insulin sensitivity </font color>

Day 2: Legs/Bi/Tri + 30 min "something" (row, elliptical, treadmill) <font color="green"> Seperate legs fro arms and take my advice again on the cardio so do arms on this day</font color>
Day 3: Rest <font color="green"> do legs and nothing else, you might do thighs hams in the morning calves at night, youll get a better hormone release</font color>
Day 4: same as day 1 <font color="green"> rest </font color>
Day 5: same as day 2 <font color="blue"> repeat</font color>

And is there a formula re: prot/carb/fat that I should be paying attention to for optimum fat loss? click here and check out this diet
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