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Default Lower carbs harder than I thought...

I'm new to this and started my diet and workouts two months ago before I found this site. I started out with low fat & cals the first month at 1200 - 40/40/20 and felt fine. Then switched to lower carb the second month with the same 1200 calories at 50/25/25 when I added lifting to the military calisthenics and cardio I was doing 3-5 times a week. I lost 1 - 1 1/2 pounds a week, every week, both months.

Now I have found this site and talked with Krypto and others about increasing my 1200 average calories to about 1500 given that I'm 5'3" and 156lbs to burn the fat covering my calculated 113 lbm. I began just yesterday and by tonight I am already having "challenges".

I ate 1500 yesterday at 50/18/32 and though it was 300 calories more a day than my monthly 1200 average, I was unusually hungry last night. I remember Krypto writing in her journal about feeling a lot hungrier when her diet was altered to lower carbs once and thought I just have to tough it out. I woke up and continued today in the same fashion. I reliously ate 6 meals every 3 hours because after 2.5 hours I'm hungry. But tonight, for the first time in two months, I thought of eating something really bad. I haven't had thoughts of anything unclean until now, and where I usually eat nothing but lean protein an veggies for dinner, I ate some cottage cheese with my chicken to weigh down my stomach. It only took half a cup and it worked, but still...I don't usually need that and eating cottage cheese was better than some of the other things I was suddenly wanting to grab. This hunger is new to me.

I'm eating more calories by increasing my fat, but man - I didn't realize how big a difference in my appetite a mere 10% decrease in my already low carb diet would be. I know I need to do more research and it has to do with my insulin levels, but it seems weird to take in more calories yet feel hungrier than ever. I have been off Hydroxycut for the last two weeks, I had used it for just over a month and thought it was time to cycle off to keep it effective. Maybe after these two weeks without an ECA my body is ready for it again??

1500 calories:
Proteins = skinless chicken breasts, eggs, whites and whey.
Carbs = Oatmeal (am only), and veggies rest of day
Fats = Olive oil, PB, and walnuts
*No potatoes, rice, breads, beans or dairy (until I gave into cottage cheese tonight! Cheating by day 2 - pathetic!)