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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by Philia2:</font><hr /> Then people say okey, she (me!) can do it since she is slim and does all that sport! Geeez, those guys really doesn't understand much do they? ...

Anyway she did 10 mins on the stair master and then said proudly that she can NOW eat another croissant since she has been doing sport!! <hr /></blockquote>

Yeah, I get the same thing. Even worse is that some of my family TRIES to get me to cheat telling me one little donut won't hurt and I can afford it cause I'm thin. So I'm thinking, well why do you think I AM this thin?! Like duh. And the other thing, they don't understand, one donut WILL hurt me cause with me it's NEVER just ONE! One turns into two, then three, then four! And before I know it, I'm feeling guilty as all heck because I scarfed down a whole bag or box of something! For me it's just better not to have that one. And I sure get sick of explaining that to people sometimes!

What's scary is that I'd eat junk food then figure, ah well, I'll just go burn it off skating or on my nordic track now. And then I wondered why in the heck I couldn't get "toned". OMG, I could tell you some stories, like about how I used to drink spoonfuls of Hershey's chocolate syrup cause I figured it was okay cause it's fat free and I could just burn off the calories skating or something, LMAO!