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Default Re: Obsessed with being lean?

Geesh, I feel like we're doing a spock mind meld here! My thoughts EXACTLY! I recently did some bikini contests which stomped my self-esteem into the ground as I got eliminated right away next to the other thin, petite, with big hooters type girls and I look all big and buff standing next to them, WAY more muscular (and lean). I felt really bad but then at the same time when I see these other skinny girls here in the gym, I feel strong and proud and I love it! And I STILL am not afraid to jump on a stage wearing a thong cause I know that even though I'm not a thin, petite woman with big hooters, at the same time I have nothing to be ashamed about! But at the same time I know there is still more work to be done as I'm STILL not satisfied. So I'm totally with ya girl!

That one was great........

People always make fun of me the way that I eat and they say it must be sad and no fun at all to eat so many times and reeeaally no junk food, ice cream etc Well I tell them that I don't suffer at all and I actually like the way that I eat (yesterday I ate a chicken sandwich at 3pm and my hubby's grandmother was looking and telling me that it really wasn't time to eat and didn't I eat lunch?!!!
Grrrrr I was dead starving! lol)

Then people say okey, she (me!) can do it since she is slim and does all that sport! Geeez, those guys really doesn't understand much do they? Ah well, it's their problem after all, why should I feel ashamed or have to hide myself every time that I have to eat?!!!
Why are people so obsessed by food?

I had a client bringing his girl to the gym the other day. She is 9 years old. Anyway she did 10 mins on the stair master and then said proudly that she can NOW eat another croissant since she has been doing sport!!
Hmmmmm something is wrong here, people just don't understand how our bodies work and how to eat. But what scares me the most is that they don't really care.....

Ah well, just my two cents.
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