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Ah, a very interesting and timely thread! (love the new forum, can I say that one more time?) My family is always on me too, and others and again, it's a sense of self perfection. But also wanting to be where I am not yet. How will I know what I want or where I am really going until I get there? Best keep trying to! Hm, are most women bb'ers type A personalities do you think? What an interesting sociological study that would be!

For me, the bf% question has been tough because my measurements say one thing and online calculators say another, so I really have no clue where I am! I am getting caliper tested tomorrow and am very excited. I know it isn't perfect either, but I hope it gives me a little bit better sense of where I am (and therefore where I want to go!) I just know I want more muscle and less fat right now.