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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by MissMargaret:</font><hr /> <font color="blue">... In fact, sometimes I get comments from some of the guys at my gym due to my determination and extra drive to get in one more rep ...something that a lot of them fall short of doing.

Miss M

</font color> <hr /></blockquote>

Me too! I get comments like, "you're doing almost as much weight as me", or "I've never seen a woman work out as hard as you do", or just whispers here and there commenting on the weight I'm pushing. Feels good, doesn't it!

And oh my gosh, this reminds me, gotta tell ya this, it just fits here. I posted this story on Meso's journal too just cause it fit but anyway, so there's this guy who works here at the gym and he's on steroids. Sooo, you'd think he'd be working out harder than most. Ha, ha, ha! In actuality he is a typical example of someone who just wants to pop a pill and have it do all the work for him! Anyway, so he asks me to workout chest with him earlier this week. So I do. And omg, so funny, I got stuff like, "oh, I'm not ready yet, these breaks are too short I'm used to resting longer". LMAO! Then he's all like, "I'm gonna go heavy this time, like 6 reps or less". I saw RIGHT thru that one! I said, "oh stop trying to get out of reps, just stick with one thing!" Then I go off about how he can't hang with me, LMAO!

Then yesterday, he decides to do shoulders and is asking me what exercises to do. So I tell him if he really wants to tear his shoulders up to go upstairs on the life circuit machine and put it on extra weight for the negative and go down real slow. Okay, so, a few minutes later I go upstairs to do abs. I go over to where he's working out to see what he's doing and OMG! I see, get this, he's only pushing 45 lbs!!!!! I'm like, "okay, you gotta be kidding me, is this your warm-up set?" So he says, "no, my second set". I busted up laughing and I'm like, "dude, I push up that much weight!! Put some more friggin' weight on there, you wussy!" And he says, "I'm going light". LMAO! "Well going light just means you FAIL at a higher rep range!" I'm like, "I KNOW you can push WAY more weight than that seeing as how you had to come show me up the one day on smith machine shoulder press, you pushed up the weight I was pushing with ONE arm, so you oughtta be doing at least TWICE what I do on that machine!" I told him if he didn't increase the weight I was gonna walk around telling everyone he works out like a girl cause he can't even shoulder press more weight than me! LMAO!

Just had to share, so funny, and it just fit the topic.