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<blockquote><font class="small">posted by MissMargaret:</font><hr /> <font color="blue"> ... I had decided in the late winter that I would cut for the Spring and then move to a bulking phase in September. But I was not sure where I should set my weight or my bf% to achieve that. Now I have a better idea of it. Thanks for this. It's been very helpful.

Miss M </font color> <hr /></blockquote>

Same here. I recently decided that I'll cut til Oct 1st then bulk thru the end of February. Then I'll go back to cutting March - Sep. That article really opened up my eyes as well. Now I have a better idea of what numbers to expect as far as body fat goes when bulking. So my goal is going to be to not go above 19% body fat and shoot for 7-9 lbs of lean muscle by the end of February. I'm thinking that sounds reasonable, 7-9 lbs in 5 months. Or if I'm close but not quite there by March, then I will extend the bulk til the end of March.

<blockquote><font class="small">posted by Philia2:</font><hr /> ... but then when I'm next to someone cute, nice and slim, well then I feel all big and buffy with my big thighs and wide shoulders ...You see? I'm proud of myself and my body (and I can jump on stage wearing a G-string without even thinking) but then again never really satisfied. Always another thing to do, another inch to loose (or a biceps to grow!! lol)

I guess it's just stronger than us. Maybe it's just us women.... <hr /></blockquote>

Geesh, I feel like we're doing a spock mind meld here! My thoughts EXACTLY! I recently did some bikini contests which stomped my self-esteem into the ground as I got eliminated right away next to the other thin, petite, with big hooters type girls and I look all big and buff standing next to them, WAY more muscular (and lean). I felt really bad but then at the same time when I see these other skinny girls here in the gym, I feel strong and proud and I love it! And I STILL am not afraid to jump on a stage wearing a thong cause I know that even though I'm not a thin, petite woman with big hooters, at the same time I have nothing to be ashamed about! But at the same time I know there is still more work to be done as I'm STILL not satisfied. So I'm totally with ya girl!