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Default Re: Obsessed with being lean?

Very good topic Krypto.

I think I'm very fortunate to have a healthy body image and not to strict on myself. I do have weight goals and BF% goals but they are not strict at all - I want to be healthy and feel good #1!!

It makes me sad to see people being so hard on themselves and losing the reason for why they started bodybuilding to begin with. You see it all the time!! I do this lifestyle, eat the way I do, measure my food, count my calories/macronutrients, lift, and all this becuase I ENJOY it and I feel incredible! I do have a larger body frame than most my height so usually weigh more - but I have to say I've never been in as good as shape as I am in now. Yes I do have a way to go to reach my goals but if it takes years, months, who cares??

The question is - when women realize they are too obsessed how do you get out of that thinking??