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Default Re: Obsessed with being lean?

I think that the hardest thing to do when I was desperately trying to loose weight before my first competition was to keep on eating...... I mean it's soooooo easy just to stop eating and then get as skinny as you want (and that's unfortunately what so many women do) but if you want to keep your muscles and a great body, well then you just have to eat all those frequent small meals and this fat so necessairy for your health.
It's difficult to understand, that you need to eat all that before you'll be able to burn and get rid of the last fat....

We women will be women, and we got more fat on our bodies than men. It's a fact, now why are we so obsessed by losing it?

When I look at those tiny skinny models in TV or magazines I REALLY start to appreciate my body with it's nicely shaped curves, but then when I'm next to someone cute, nice and slim, well then I feel all big and buffy with my big thighs and wide shoulders (I must say that I'm taller than everybody here so I'll always be bigger.... [img]/forum/images/icons/crazy.gif[/img] )

You see? I'm proud of myself and my body (and I can jump on stage wearing a G-string without even thinking) but then again never really satisfied. Always another thing to do, another inch to loose (or a biceps to grow!! lol)

I guess it's just stronger than us. Maybe it's just us women....
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