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Default Obsessed with being lean?

I'll admit it, I'm guilty of this. I was reading on another BB board in the Women's Discussion Forum and I made a very important discovery about women, low body fat, and gaining muscle. These are posts by actual female (and one male) members.

I haven't seen the pics, but I will confirm that I also drop at least 30lbs to get competition lean. I don't gain a lot in strength/muscle size below ~15%bf, and I stay between 15-18% bf in the off season. Works really well for me even if i don't look 'hot' in the off season. Of course for me, a decent amount of that weight is water. 10lbs comes off pretty quickly.

5-7% above contest weight HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I put that on in 3 days with fluid retention alone and before I've gained an ounce of fat. The only thing that would allow me to add muscle whithout gaining a healthy amount of fat is adding AAS. Many women seem able to sit around 12%bf while gaining muscle if they are 'supplementing' properly. Without the supps, I've never seen a woman gain any permanent muscle if she tries (like so many do) to stay around 12%bf. It's a sad thing to see a woman after her first figure or fitness competition desperately trying to stay lean and sexy while gaining muscle for the next show, while refusing to take any AAS. This is destined to fail IMHO.

Yep...I agree.

I read somewhere that the "ideal" training weight is 5-7% above contest weight.

Too low imo.

Look at the most successful pros - most of them really look...well...****ty in the off season.....who looks the best offseason ...Shawn Ray and others...that is why their contest weight hasn't gone upin 10 years.......perhaps Shawn does not "supplement" to the same extent as the others, but there is a correlation between off season bulk and onstage beef.

Hi everyone! I have found it just impossble to stay in the 10-12% range and put on muscle,so I no longer try. As long as I'm within 20 lbs of contest weight I don't sweat it. The funny thing is that although I'm heavier than before I began my last contest prep the additional muscle put on has changed my body shape and I look better than ever. I also think that for the older women like myself staying ultra lean is very hard and not for the best. I know that now I feel solid and strong and am making nice gains in the gym. Also I think that we a break form the constant obsession with leanness as that can lead to eating disorders.
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So margie, perhaps you were thinking along these lines when you asked me if I planned on maintaining my body fat between 12-15%? If so, I gottcha now! This is info that I did not know until now and having learned this, it has changed my way of thinking. I will now be prepared to have a higher body fat percentage from Oct - Feb when it'll be my goal to no longer cut, but to focus on gaining strength and muscle instead. I will probably just make an upper end limit for body fat and try to stay under that while on a program to gain muscle, as the guys call it, "bulking". So now I know for sure this bodybuilding, cutting &amp; bulking, is with me for LIFE now! And I also plan on staying with Beverly, taking their supplements and letting them write my diets. It's so much easier just having someone telling me exactly what to eat. I fooled around writing my own diets for about 9 months, enough of that. So here's me, bodybuilder for life, hehe.

This just goes to show you how important Women's Discussion Forums are! Only other women would know (and probably the men who train them) that they can't gain muscle under 15% body fat without "cheating".

Oh, and I also saw pics of a girl both competition shape and in the off season when she is in a bulking (adding muscle) phase. She has NO abs while bulking but is totally ripped for contest, so I now have faith that I can do the same!

Any comments ladies?