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Default Re: How many calories do you eat?

Hi Krypto, I think you look great and I hope to get as cut as you one day, so after reading the advice listed to me today I made it a point to go read JW's 13 Week Plan I had missed before. I did my homework and found that he covered the formulas for BMR and maintenance calories and by using my current stats came up with a BMR of 1460.

Following JW's instruction's I added 1.5 for workout calories to determine a maintenance level of 2,190 calories.
He suggests only cutting 250 calories a day (vice 500) to cut which would permit me 1940 calories on workout days or 1500 calories on sedentary days for a cut. I can only imagine how many calories you must burn a day to eat 2400 calories and still lose weight! That's impressive. Even the formulas given tell me I shouldn't eat more than 1900 to cut.

Does cutting only 250 calories vice 500 mean I'll only lose half a pound of BF per week? I'm not as concerned with the scale as I am the inches, but I do want to lose that safe "pound a week" if I can get get to a good BF percentage. I'll do it though with the great advice here. Thanks for your patience with repetitive questions.