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Default Re: 13-Week Fat burning Workout - Anyone done it??

Oh Kate, I meant to tell you this in email!
I did 6 weeks of it - it's great! I really loved the workouts (though I aggrevated some wrist issues I think) However, I wasn't doing the nutrition (too hardcore for me during the summer!)and felt I really should be in order to reap the full benefits. So, I floundered around for the last 4 weeks w/ my own workout (which incorporated much of the 13wk workout). I have seen some good changes, but don't feel as though I did the whole thing full-fledged. So, as you know I am trying something else for at least 8 weeks. If still necessary to cut, I plan on re-starting the 13-week diet and workout in January (winter=no fruit!)

However, I am still incorporating things like double drop sets (I know, those aren't in there are they?), supersetting, power partials, etc. that I really loved from the workout. And I am also still working forearms and traps (which I have always neglected!)

Bottom line, thumbs up!!! I look forward to trying it again in January.