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My opinion, 1200 calories is WAY to low for you! With 113 lbs of lean mass, you hold only 5 lbs less muscle than me and I'm 2" taller! I ate between 2200-2400 calories for my first 5-6 months of cutting (and I had less muscle then)! In other words, I ate my maintenance calories and simply cut out the foods I shouldn't be eating to burn fat and it worked! I was able to GAIN lean muscle while LOSING fat for that first 5-6 months! The fat loss was very slow (partly due to bumps/setbacks along with way), but that is how I preferred to do it cause I consider it VERY important to retain my muscle and indeed I was successful! And only recently have I actually CUT my calories below maintenance and I am STILL eating more cals than you! I am now cutting at 2000 calories and the first 3 weeks I went from 17.7% body fat to 15.3%! And I didn't lose any muscle either! I didn't gain any, but that was expected as I have passed the point of being able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, as I've been at this cutting thing for about a year now. Soo, my philosophy is that when a beginner first starts cutting, all they need to do is slowly cut down on carbohydrates and slowly cut out the foods not conducive to fat loss. What this does, is gradually work the person into an entirely different lifestyle of eating, slow enough to where they can stick to it, AND, most importantly, it allows the beginner to actually GAIN muscle while LOSING fat! Then, when the person gets to the point (like I have) to where fat loss has stopped, DESPITE a very clean diet and switching around of macronutrient ratios, only then, do I personally advise cutting calories to continue with fat loss. There has to be somewhere to go, ya know? Make sense? So if I were you, I would slowly bump up the calories, perhaps by adding 100 calories every other day. Personally, I would use the 3 methods JW has in his hardcore fat burning article to figure your caloric needs (I'd average the results of all 3) and gradually bump your calories up to that number. Then you can give it a couple weeks to see if it's working, if not, you can go from there. And we can help you. Hope this helps. [img]/forum/images/icons/wink.gif[/img]